Sunday, December 26, 2010

Miss Tourism International Is Indeed A Grandslam Pageant, Why?, Read on!

It would be lovely if people starting to assume it this way, reasons?;
1-extensive coverage especially with the help of an fb page.
2-south american countries keep sending the best looking candidates.
3-venezuela keeps sending MISS VENEZUELA PAGEANT worthy finalists.
4-the philippines and missosology giving an excellent coverage..boy!,they really hold that yearly send off party!.I'd love to attend if I could!.
5-several countries really published their queens' airport departures photos.
6-the management of the pageant has been very good.
7-the pageant is being endorsed by msian government.
8-many sponsors have come forward to support by sponsoring cash award, sub titles, etc
9-the activity schedules are quite relax and not burdensome.
10-the most important is support by pageant fans, pageant directors the world over and the contestants' families and friends including me at pageantislands. Who wouldn't be excited to know if your close friend or somebody from your country has won a beauty pageant?, would u?
11-Indonesia keeps sending a taller and taller super ethnic looking beauties.
12-pls don't be mad at me if I say the Philippines keeps sending cute, lovely looking contestants every year yo!

*When I attended the press conference on dec 16, a delegate from Europe fainted on the stage and Datuk Danny Ooi himself came up and did everything he could together with his other staff and fanned her himself. I don't think Donald Trump would do that either.

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