Monday, February 28, 2011

Plunging Barefoot into Spring

Iris Pools, 10x8" pastel by S'zanne Reynolds

Stuck downtown at 4 p.m. in traffic that seems to be going nowhere fast...I turn around and head to "Lady Bird/Town Lake" (the Colorado River) to while away the hours in a canoe rental. Not exactly dressed for water, I throw my Birks into the bow, roll up my pant legs and wade barefoot into the cool waters to shove off.


My vermilion vessel submerges into the cool, dark-green crystal waters of a painting in my mind...making a nice compliment to the scene if I could remove myself to see it. She glides over bits of cerulean blue heaven and rippling gold reeds refracted in her wake. Beneath her hull, sunlit shadows reveal leafy tentacles swaying in a magical mermaid emerald forest of quiet lights and darks. Just above the surface, statuesque log-piled turtles suddenly make tactical dives to hide from close observation.

Swarms of seasonal coots, black duckie-like birds, coo and cluck all around me. These mud hens have white markings on their beaks which are mirrored on their sassy white-tipped rumps so when they fish, bottoms up, predators can't tell their heads from their tails. Isn't Mother Nature clever? Their beady red eyes make them personify a rather sinister cartoon...what characters!

Everything seems to be anticipating the arrival of spring. Early tree buds dapple in the light against the distant mists of grays, golds and young the arch of a bridge captures the day's last light, rebounding on the river.

Bright orange and yellow sunkissed paddles playfully slap out a rhythm...swoosh, splish, splash...swoosh, splish, they sing out from all sides. The wind pushes my canoe wildly about until I circle round and lie back, looking up dizzy with spring's promise of renewal through the treetops.

Trains moan and traffic buzzes. Geese honk and lovers smooch. Youth and beauty run by at a steady pace. I think of the young man's hand I used to hold.

Aishwarya Rai At The Oscar 2011. Red Carpet Photo.

Mie Zalwa Idris, Ratu Harian Metro/Kodak 1994 and Other Finalists. Old Newspaper Cuttings

*photo by AMET, Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, Msia.

New Release: Lemongrass Patchouli 100% Natural Cold Press Soap Bar

Another 100% Natural Cold Press Soap has arrived!

This large handcrafted premium soap provides the skin benefits of its natural ingredients in a wonderfully decorative bar. Made using all natural saponified vegetable oils and scented with Natural Essential Oils.

❤ Packaging

My cold press packaging is created from scrap "repurposed" fabric, trim, lace, bias tape, and other odds and ends. It also includes long lost buttons that often don't have a match and were put away in a drawer thinking that they might be of some need again one day. No two soap packages are ever the same since the materials are gathered from people's scrap piles.

❤ About Batty's Bath Cold Press Soaps

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There are no short cuts when it comes to the cold press method - these soaps take weeks to cure but are well worth the wait! Batty's Bath handmade method of soap making ensures the most amount of glycerin possible is retained unlike commercial soap making. Retaining the glycerin makes a softer, milder soap which is emollient and moisturizing to the skin.

Batty's Bath Cold Press Soap is ideal for those with sensitive skin, for conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis or anyone allergic to commercial soap because they don't strip the skin of its natural, beneficial oils. In fact, they are mild enough to use on babies' delicate skin.

These 100% natural soaps do not contain any synthetic ingredients, colours, or scents. Instead they are made with the freshest, highest quality natural ingredients, colored with natural clays, and scented with aromatherapy grade essential oils.

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Audi D7 Concept

Audi D7 Concept
Audi D7 Concept

The Amazingly Beautiful Miss Universe 2002 Top 10 Semifinalists in Swimsuits.

Paula Malai now a mum with newborn boy.

POPULAR television personality Paula Malai Ali, who married a producer of reality show The Biggest Loser last year, has become a mother.
Berita Minggu reported that the former Channel V presenter gave birth to her son Zane at a private hospital in Brunei.
Her twin sister, Jenny, a well-known TV and radio presenter in the sultanate, posted the good news on Twitter as soon as Zane was delivered.
Although Zane was delivered a week earlier than the due date of March 3, both mother and son were reportedly doing well.
There was no word from the father, known only as Sam.
Paula was previously married to Tunku Azudinshah Tunku Anuar, a member of the Kedah royal family, but the marriage ended in a divorce four years later in 2006. They had no children.
The TV celebrity, who turns 37 next month, had returned to her hometown last month during the advanced stage of her pregnancy. She plans to spend her confinement period there before returning to work in May.
She is currently based in Singapore as a presenter for ESPN Star Sports.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gaye McGrady, Miss Asia Quest 1980 From Australia, Top Winners' Photos.

*photos by AMET, Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, Kedah, Msia.

Listening from the Treetops

Whispering Treetops, digital image by S'zanne Reynolds

Visiting with a friend in the parking lot, I heard a child's voice calling out for help across the street. Most of the Sunday crowd had already left church and the outdoor courtyard was empty, but the timid voice continued to call out faintly, "help, help!" We crossed the street and looked up some 40 feet off the ground to find a small boy camouflaged in the tree tops of a large magnolia. Insisting that he couldn't get back down, the child had become afraid at finding himself so far off the ground.

My friend went over to the trunk of the tree and reminded the boy that he could hear God's directions if he just listened for them...that God was showing him the best way to get down and that he was safe in his divine Father's care and could trust Him.

How many of us would have tried to tell the boy what to do? I was impressed that my friend didn't try to give him any human advice about tree climbing, which she had little or no expertise in. But rather, she insisted that he was receptive to God's guidance and could, in fact, hear God's directions.

The boy's parents, who had been looking for him inside the edifice, came outside in time to see their son scaling down a tree taller than the church's roof line. None of us were more grateful than this little boy who ran to his mom and hugged her, happy to be safely on the ground and completely unharmed. I don't think any of us will forget the lesson of this day!

Even though we might not be able to share this child's perspective, we can all relate to going out on a limb and getting stuck there. How often do we remember to listen to God and ask for directions or guidance? Do we remember to have this simple childlike trust in our Father's plan for we ask for help with each step of the way, knowing that His design is complete and fulfilling, supreme and known to us?

So, no matter what your adventure may look like or where your journey may take you, go climb that tree or mountain top...and trust that you'll be able to get back down...listening for directions along the way!

Audi D7 Concept. Source. Posted By Daniel Proctor At 12:42

Audi D7 Concept. Source. Posted by Daniel Proctor at 12:42
Audi D7 Concept. Source. Posted by Daniel Proctor at 12:42

BlogMania '11

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Foto Seksi Ai sayama | Japan AV Idol

Foto Seksi Ai sayama | Japan AV Idol

Binibining Pilipinas 2011 Talent Competition.

The talent competition of Bb. Pilipinas 2011 beauty pageant take place on February 25 at the Ali Mall in Cubao, Quezon City.

Watch videos during the talent competition:

01 - All Candidates, Reigning Queens and Judges
02 - Zephora Mayon aka Zara Aldana singing "Cry" (Mandy Moore)
03 - Angelia Ong singing "Reflection" (Mulan)
04 - Tina Marasigan singing "Stop" (Spice Girls)
05 - Queenie Rehman playing the guitar, singing "Hinahanap hanap kita" (Eraserheads) and beat boxing
06 - Jenette Noguchi singing a Broadway musical song
07 - Luzelle Felipe playing the guitar and singing
08 - Shamcey Supsup drawing
09 - Janine Tuganon ballet dancing
10 - Diane Necio baton twirling
11 - Camille Alexis Baltazar singing "Para sa akin" (Sitti)
12 - Sarah Clenci hip-hop dancing
13 - Ladylyn Riva cultural dancing (Alembong)

* Photo courtesy of Missosology
* Videos courtesy of OPMB

Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Contestants

Miss Asia Quest 1979 Top 5 Winners and Swimsuit Group Photo. Related Newspaper Articles.

 Winner: Ayla Altas-Miss Turkey
1st runner up: Laureen Mary Lestourgeon, Miss India
2nd runners up: Lorraine Schuck, Miss Philippines
3rd runners up: Traci Christopherson, Miss Australia.
Miss Amity: Molly NIsbut, Miss Papua New Guinea.
Best in National Costume: Anne Looi, Miss Malaysia.
Miss Photogenic: Anne Looi, Miss Malaysia.

*photo by AMET, Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, KL, Msia.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cars Wallpaper Review

Cars Wallpaper
Cars Wallpaper
Cars Wallpaper
Cars Wallpaper

Suzuki GSXR 600

Suzuki GSXR 600

A Date With Art

I had a date with Art tonight. I went to hear live music at Opa on South Lamar. Faces appeared as mythic creatures, nymphs and jokers...dogs were lions, men were magicians and women were belly dancers. Spiders spun webs of wonder and enchantment under a mighty twin-trunked oak that lassoed the stars and swayed to the rising music dancing over our heads.

I found at least one model to add to my series. It's a good night in Austin.

Audi D7 Concept. Source. Posted By Daniel Proctor At 12:42

Audi D7 Concept. Source. Posted by Daniel Proctor at 12:42
Audi D7 Concept. Source. Posted by Daniel Proctor at 12:42