Friday, December 31, 2010

New Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R

 New Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R

New Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R and models
The all-new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R race bike has been unveiled to the international press at the Nürburgring. The presentation of the new bike comes just before the German round of the FIM Superbike World Championship, which will take place at the Nürburgring race track this weekend.
The new Ninja ZX-10R will mark a fresh start for Kawasaki in the championship. From 2011, the Kawasaki World Superbike Racing Team will receive more means and more support from the mother company in Japan. Since 2009, the Kawasaki Superbike Racing Team have evolved and restructured continuously in order to be in a position to utilize the new bike’s potential to the maximum next season.
The initial race team bikes themselves will be full factory bikes, built and sent to the team from Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) in Japan. The bike is unveiled only now, as Kawasaki starts the European testing trajectory.
Competing in the Superbike World Championship with the all new Ninja ZX-10R will show and expose Kawasaki at the highest level of motorcycle racing. The rules of the championship mean that Kawasaki starts off with and stay within the concept of the production bike which will be available at the local Kawasaki dealership.
Kawasaki is a racing company and the Ninja brand has a solid racing history and pedigree. The new machine will give Kawasaki the possibility to revive the image of being a successful racing company as the company already shows in so many other of motorcycle racing categories within which Kawasaki competes today.
The unveiling of the new Ninja ZX-10R at the Nürburgring was the only chance for people to see the bike close up before next month. The next opportunity to be eye-to-eye with the new Ninja ZX-10R race bike will be the Intermot show in Cologne, starting the 6th of October.

BMW K1600 GT and GTL

Ever since BMW Motorrad presented the concept study Concept 6 in autumn 2009, the new 6-cylinder in-line engine installed in it has caught the imagination of many motorcycle fans.
With the new K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL, BMW motorcycles are now available for the first time with a 6-cylinder in-line power unit developed in-house. 

In addition to safety, equipment and comfort, prestige and dynamic performance are the key criteria for a supreme touring bike.
They combine maximum agility and riding dynamics with a luxurious overall package. With an engine output of 118 kW (160 bhp) and a maximum torque of 175nm, their 6-cylinder engine provides superb propulsion in all conditions.

Honda CBR250R

Slated for public release in the first-quarter of 2011, the Thailand-produced CBR250R looks set to make its mark as a major player in the entry-level market.
Honda's supersports-inspired machine is designed around an all-new 249.4mm single-cylinder engine with liquid cooling, an efficient 4-valve DOHC cylinder head and PGM-FI fuel injection.
This single-cylinder configuration makes for a lighter, more compact and more fuel-efficient powerplant that also boasts a supremely usable torque curve.
As befits a machine with performance and versatility, the CBR250R uses a six-speed transmission to make light work of riding at any speed. The six ratios work with the bike's power delivery to optimise acceleration and deliver both refinement and economy when cruising.

Aprilia Dorsuduro 1200

Italian brand Aprilia gives the maxi-motard category a shake with the Dorsoduro 1200, building on the solid foundations of its previous 750.
The 2011 model is powered by a 90-degree V-Twin, and hands ultimate control to riders who can control the power output to their liking. Sport mode makes use of its full 130 horsepower, Touring too, but with a smoother delivery. Rain mode ensures a better ride when there's less traction to be found.
Radial four-piston Brembo brakes bring the bike to a stop and Sachs adjustable suspension is fitted front and rear.

Ducati Diavel

A showstopper in Milan, the aggressive new Diavel features a Testastretta 11-degree engine pushing 162 horsepower, a dry weight of 210 kilograms and the latest in Ducati technology: ABS, traction control and ‘Sport', ‘Touring' and ‘Urban' user modes to enhance the rider's experience.
Ducati's power cruiser comes in two versions - standard and carbon. The latter features ‘a character-forming mix of aesthetic and performance components from carbon fibre bodywork to forged and specially machined Marchesini wheels,' and is sure to be a focal point on the manufacturer's display.

Kawasaki ZX-10R

Featuring a new 200hp engine, new frame and new suspension, Kawasaki's newest 1000cc flagship represents the first complete redesign since the ZX-10R's debut, and offers a significant jump in base performance.
Designed to enable a greater number of riders to experience the thrill of riding a superbike at the limit, the new 2011 Ninja ZX-10R ABS is loaded with cutting-edge technology. New features like Kawasaki's new race-type traction control system (S-KTRC) and supersport-grade ABS (KIBS) are there to assist riders explore the limit.

Focus on Your Dream

Snow Dreams, 12x12 pastel

“My father encouraged me to focus on my dream instead of the obstacles to achieving it.”

So often we focus on obstacles and lose site of our true mission and why we started something. We get caught up in the hardships of success and the more masculine business aspects; writing a business plan, strategic long-term planning, securing finances, etc. We see obstacles instead of solutions because in the moment our imaginations are not expansive enough and won’t allow us to go beyond a certain way of thinking.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep your eyes on the dream. The dream is where you started and fulfillment on it is where you’ll end up. Everything in between remains to be seen and obstacles along the way are just that—obstacles, not hindrances to dream achievement.

--from Ladies Who Launch at

Sandzen: Ecstasy of Color

Sandzen: Ecstasy of Color : Colorado Public Television, KBDI 12 in Denver, Colorado

January 2
Denver 7 p.m./Austin 8 p.m.

You can watch this on line. Click on the link above. Tune in at 8pm January 2nd. Sure looks like an artist to know about!

Miss Tourism International 2010 Top Winners Photos and Results.

Winner-Natalie Den Dekker-The Netherlands.
1st runner up-Holly Anne Visser-Australia.
2nd runners up-Stephany Gonzalez-Venezuela.
3rd runners up-Barbara Salvador-The Philippines.
4th runners up-Gorboljin Bayarsaikhan-Mongolia.

Top 10

Top 20
Panama/Ukraine/Montenegro/Chinese Taipei/Finland/Zimbabwe/Singapore/France/Thailand/Bolivia

Sub Titles Winners
Best National Costume: Malaysia
Miss Poh Kong Glamour: Bolivia
Miss Lumix Photogenic: Venezuela
Miss Overtime Fresh Face: Singapore
Miss Rejuene Meridian: Japan
Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter: Netherlands
Miss Secret Charm: Venezuela
Miss Jade Goodwill Ambassadress: Venezuela
Miss Charm Fantasia: Mongolia
Miss Focus Point Dazzling: Lithuania
    the crowning moment

Asian Beautiful Girl

Sexy Girls
Sexy Girls
Sexy Girls
Asian Beautiful Girl
Asian Beautiful Girl
Umbrella Girl
Umbrella Girl
Umbrella Girl
Beautiful Girl

Asian Umbrella girl

Asian Umbrella girl

Umbrella Girl

Umbrella Girl
Umbrella Girl
Umbrella Girl
Umbrella Girl
Umbrella Girl

Umbrella Girl
Umbrella Girl

Sexy Girl and Motorcycle

Sexy Girl and Motorcycle
Sexy Girl and Motorcycle
Sexy Girl and Motorcycle
Sexy Girl and Motorcycle
Sexy Girl and Motorcycle

how sekur / sekir valve

Valve Maintenance 
 IN the automotive world, causing damage to the valve or valves of the most common is the cradle of corrosion on valve (valve seat). In addition, the valve that intersect with the holder. This can only be overcome by grinding the valve and its seat or lay people have called sekur valve.
As do the following:

1. Provide coarse grinding powder (coarse), fine grinding powder (find grind), plastic tubing, 25 cm (to rotate valve) which amount is in accordance with the diameter of the valve stem, valve spring opener tool (tracker), and gasoline as necessary.

2. Open the cylinder head from the stand, put in place so as not to disturb loose skir valve job.

3. Open one by one valve with a tracker, then pull the valve off its seat, rubbing the side of the valve surface with coarse grinding powder. Then input return valve, connects the valve stem tip with a hose, then turn the hose over and over again until the surface of the valve and the valve hole smooth.

4. Remove the valve again, rubbing the surface of the valve with fine grinding powder, then turn the hose over and over again until blended. After that, clean up the remnants of dirt with gasoline. To test the workmanship skir, Close valve tightly into the valve hole lip. Pour gasoline taste. When gasoline was reduced, meaning the position of the valve and the valve hole is flat.

5. Further work to check the strength per valve. By using a special tester tool you can find out the compressive strength per valve. If the pressure is less than that required or the difference reaches 10% weaker than the original pressure, as should be replaced. If not, you will face the risk of valve function is not perfect at high rpm.

6. After all the work is over, do not forget to replace the rubber oil seal (oil seal) valve. Each carried skir valve, oil seal must be broken and put back all the components like the original.

Miss Tourism International 2010 Top 12. My Own Prediction.

1-The Netherlands
2-The Philippines.

Kee Hua Chee's Fashion. The Best Journalist on This Side of The Observable Universe.

He is Kee Hua Chee. The Malaysia's most well known celebrity journalist. His fashion sense is quite unusual for Malaysian public but when attending any event, big or small, the above garb is just among the outlandish one he has ever adorned with.  He will make sure everything is perfect from the top till bottom. Tonight, he will be among the judges for the grandfinal of Miss Tourism International 2010. Would he be surprising the public again with his latest?. I just can't wait to see it.