Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jessie Chantelle Chocolates- The All New Venture by Chantelle Chuah. A Celebrity Chocolatier.

A new beautiful chocolatier has emerged in Malaysia by the name of Chantelle Chuah. This Malaysian beauty queen turned entrepreneur has also recently been appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Lejadi Foundation, a foundation which helps the needy in and around Malaysia.

I managed to catch up with her this evening at Bee Bee Nail Salon at Farenheit88 Jln Bukit Bintang and she presented me a very nice and cute medium size paper bag from Lavand-Pure Indulgence. I just love this bag though.

Wanna see what's inside?..I'm curious too

ah..there seems to be small golden box!..oo..what's inside it?

ah, a golden box nicely strapped with red ribbon, and I slowly opened the box and...aawwwwww!

Some 40 small cute packs of chocolates burst out and strewn everywhere on my floor room!, they are so cute and in several sizes and shaped, square, pebbled stone size and the very cute butterfly shape one. And I immediately tasted one and as the usual Jessie Chantelle's chocolate that I had before, it melted in the mouth nicely and yummy!, so I had another 1 and another 1 and, ouch!..another 1, left 37 already, huhuhu...

And I creatively arranged the love shaped choc on the table and took a pic, very nice!..

Christmas and new year is fast approaching and when you have difficulties selecting something to give to your parents, friends or strangers, just think about Jessie Chantelle's chocolate and you surely love the taste and everything about the chocolates. 

So now you are asking me where to get this premium celebrity chocolate?. Just call 016-2206733 or visit to get more info about this very exciting taste good chocolate!.

If chocolate is your thing and cannot get enough of it, why don't you try Jessie Chantelle's Celebrity Series Premium Swiss Chocolate by Lavand. Get this celebrity chocolate and you would feel like a celebrity too!.

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