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Harley Davidson motor modification

Starting in the year 1903, a group of the men of Milwaukee, Wisconsin dreamed of a new motor bike which different from anything was established front. The group was composed of Walter and Arthur Davidson with William Harley. Using tools and materials borrowed from the friends, this group built the first motor bike of Harley Davidson.
The manufacture of the first motor bike of Harley Davidson was a reinforcement of loop not seen up to this point. The group finished upwards with a total of three bicycles built in their first year. The next principal addition was to be added of William Davidson to the group in 1907. By this year, the group had made more than 150 motor bikes. The success of Harley-Davidson started just and would become soon a culture with itself.
In 1908, the company incorporated and increased further the personnel with almost 20 people. The company also increased by their original workshop of hangar to large productive installations. In several years, Harley Davidson was well in producing world the 'of S to largest of the motor bikes around the world.
Harley-Davidson became completely large in the sector of the military vehicles. The armed forces used thousands of motor bikes and added enormous orders to Harley. The motor bikes of Harley Davidson are the standard by which other bicycles are built. The name of Harley-Davidson is synonymous with fort, hard and especially integrity because the company continued to build motor bikes of quality during more than 100 years.

Specification Motor Yamaha YZF-R125

Yamaha YZF-R125

Berbicara murni pertunjukan, ini baru Yamaha YZF-R125 dan Honda CBR 125 akan yakin untuk memutar musik yang sama. Tetapi berbicara desain, saya bertaruh Yamaha yang akan memenangkan 4 tak 125cc sportbikes kontes.

Ia akan menjual? mari kita tunggu harga resmi ...

Spesifikasi teknis:

Jenis Monocylinder empat angin
Cair didinginkan
Mengungsi 124,66 cm ³
BorexStroke 52,0 x 58,6 mm
Rasio kompresi 11,2:1
Max Power 11 kW (15 ch) à 9 000 tr / min
Torsi Max 12,24 Nm (1,25 kg-m) à 8 000 tr / min
Salep basah bah
Alimentation Injeksi
Kopling minyak mandi di multiplate
Pengapian TCI
Memulai listrik mulai
Gear Box 6 kecepatan
Final drive rantai
Kapasitas Tangki bahan bakar 13,8 liter
Minyak Tank Kapasitas 1,15 liter

Steel Deltabox
Garpu depan penangguhan conventionnal
Perjalanan roda depan 130 mm
Sementara Sing belakang lengan monoshock (monocross)
Roda belakang Perjalanan 125 mm
Simple disk rem depan, Ø 292 mm
Rem belakang Simple disque, Ø 230 mm
Ban Depan 100/80-17 M / C
Ban Belakang 130/70-17 M / C

Dimensi --
Secara keseluruhan panjang 2 015 mm
Secara keseluruhan lebar 660 mm
Tinggi keseluruhan 970 mm
Kursi tinggi 818 mm
Jarak roda 1 355 mm
Ground clearence 155 mm
wheight 126,5 kg

Motor Clasic 1969 MV Agusta 250B

This bicilindrica traditional of system my agusta 150 (b) followed the twin ARNO 166, and was followed bicilindrica 350. This bicycle is the sports model, there were also of the 250 that the WP model.

Motor Clasic MV Agusta CSTL 1957

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Motor Clasic 1975 MV Agusta 350 Sport

using the strong horizontal features he wrote the production into 1975 being established quickly like desirable machine. The open duplex reinforcement placed a twin engine of cylinder which had undergone a design supplements outside but had maintained the internals proven preceding model. A triple brake system of disc was a not very common device for a machine in class of Ipotesi 'of .

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Gambar foto Gallery of Toyota image

Toyota Kijang image picture

Toyota kijang pic

Gambar foto New Suzuki Grand Vitara car 2008 in Top speed picture

Vitara image picture

Vitara pic
New Suzuki Grand Vitara photos is very best for your speedy in your tour with your family and your friend. Foto baru blue New Suzuki Grand Vitara and white color is new color of New Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Gallery Design mobil modifikasi cutting stiker

For body car modification you can creativity about color body your car, for exterior design.Cutting stiker for product promotions and for the beauty new accessories. Any batman pictures, naruto pic, or photos of the soccer, or Hollywood movie staring as Tom Cruise on your car. And than product image to promotion it. As F1 or GP500 cc on the car, motorcycles or on helmet allways has cutting stiker

Gambar foto Suzuki Thundar Modif

Suzuki tunder 125 cc is very good to touring with your club, if you like it, you can to buy it or sell in dealler motorcycle. Thunder Road Motorcycles are a Suzuki dealership shoapship and have a whole showroom in Bridgend dedicated solely to new Suzuki bikes. The range of Suzuki motorbikes stocked at Thunder Road is listed below – give us a call or fill in the form on the left if you have any queries - or even better, come and visit the showroom in Bridgend to see what’s in stock.

Sepeda motor Suzuki Thunder keluaran 125 cc 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 dan2007 hampir mirip. Hanya beberapa sedikit perbedaan di bagian body serta knalpot dan jok. Untuk stank juga ada perbedaan. Rem cakram dan velk mempunyai kombinasi yang berpengaruh untuk kenyamanan pengendara. Ukuran ban versi balap. Mesin juga di modif tune up, supaya kecepatan diatas rata-rata standar mesin. Busi rasing. Lamu hallogen yang bentuk bodi lancip juga menambah full variasi. Sepeda motor bekas maupun baru sangat bagus buat touring.Untuk keluaran berikutnya mungkin akan ada thunder 150 cc, 200 cc dan 250 cc. 200cc dan 250cc hanya perbedaan pada ukuran bentuk bodynya.

Gambar foto Bajaj DTS-si 125CC motorcycle MODIFIKASI

Bajaj Pic, Bajaj Image, bajaj picture

Gambar foto Toyota product 2008 2009 New of Toyota avanza VVT-1, All New Camry sedan, Toyota Yaris limited edition and specs

Produk baru Toyota All New Camry, New Avanza Daewoo-Matiz A/C, MPV dan Yaris Edisi Superman
Tipe yang tersedia : 1.3 E (M/T) harga Rp 103,9 juta dan 1.3 G (M/T) Rp 158,5 juta
New Avanza : kapasitas 1.3 liter

Tipe yakni All New Camry sedan 3.5 Q (A/T) harga jual on the road DKI Jakarta Rp 552 juta, 2.4 V (A/T) Rp 409 juta, dan 2.4 G (A/T) Rp 382 juta.

Toyota Yaris limited edition:
Yaris Superman Limited Edition harga: Rp 158,5 juta.

The product of Toyota in Indonesia market, has been boom and customer very much like this product. If you like it, you can buy in dealer in your big city.

Gambar foto Bajaj DTS-si 125CC motorcycle motorbikes Engine modif modification

For you like the modification motorcycle. IN NEW OF Bajaj motor.harga 13 jutaan.
The industry by turning out to be India’s most fuel-efficient two-wheeler engine.
Tecnology of India, The next generation to bajaj pulsar DTS-i
Capacity engine machine is 125cc.New model baru.
The Digital Twin Spark–ignition (DTS-i) technology that Bajaj developed a few years ago and has incorporated in many of its current engines, takes care of the slow rate of combustion in a simple but novel way.
mesin bajaj dan kapasitas.

Gambar foto Specification of Toyota price ification

The picture of the show room you can buy the toyota product.

Harga baru murah termahal

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Motor Clasic Rudge-Whitworth

The origin of the name begins Rudge (Rudge-Whitworth name and first names) created in 1894, when Whitworth makes to a cycle the Rudge manufacturer (the other company of by cycle), and the first time of motor bike in 1911 years.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gambar foto VHM In GP 500cc

VHM 300cc and VHM 500cc.VHM are a respected manufacturer of high quality racing parts used by factory teams world wide. We are now pleased to be able to offer their cylinder heads for use on the Suzuki RGV250, Aprilia RS250 and also Honda NSR250.

The VHM cylinder head is designed with central spark plug position for superior burn, and removeable combustion chamber inserts so that changes of compression ratios are quick and simple, and no more wasted head gaskets thanks to the O-ring design

This head set comes with following parts:
2x cylinder head
2x standard insert (12.60cc)

Bajaj pulsar DTS-i

Bajaj Pulsar is a motorcycle brand owned by Bajaj Auto in India manufacture. Bigger motorcycles with higher capacity virtually did not exist (except for Enfield Bullet). The launch and success of Hero Honda CBZ in 1999 showed that there was demand for performance bikes. Bajaj took the cue from there on and launched the Pulsar twins in India on November 24, 2001.India techno;ogy cooperate with tokyo technology.

Honda super zero

Honda in The world.1997 brought the biggest changes to the performance of the current generation NSX for the Japanese domestic versions and abroad. For 1997 engine displacement increased from 3.0 L to 3.2 L. This new 3.2 L C32B engine gave it slightly more rated power: from 270 hp (201 kW) to 292 hp (218 kW) while torque increased from 210 lb·ft (285 N·m) to 224 lb·ft (304 N·m) (manual transmission only). The 4-speed automatic model still used the 3.0 litre engine and power output. Another big change was the adoption of the 6-speed manual transmission. The combination of slightly-increased power and torque, 6-speed manual gearbox, and optimized gear ratio produced improved straight-line acceleration.