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Beauty and more.

Teh, Queensbay Mall Oriental Queen 2011 winner rendering a sentimental Mandarin number.

HAVING grown up watching an elder sister strut her stuff on catwalks, Joey Teh Shu Ru has set her sights on emulating her and eventually making forays into the world of beauty pageants once she was of requisite age.
Now 22 and with two previous titles under her belt, the Penang lass exudes confidence. On Saturday, she grabbed her third crown after emerging as Queensbay Mall’s Oriental Queen 2011, holding off stiff challenges from 11 others.
The win was also a lucky one. Currently pursuing a mass communications course at the Shih Hsin University in Taipei, Taiwan, she was only back in Penang for a Chinese New Year holiday when she chanced upon the contest banners and signed up.
“I like being on stage, it’s where I feel I can bring out the best in myself. I’m also blessed to have very supportive parents and friends.
“My sister has always been my idol. She also took part in beauty pageants previous and would regularly finish among the top 10. I’m very proud of her,” she said.
Though ecstatic with her win — one that netted her RM588 in cash and RM500 worth of products — Teh, who aspires to be a deejay, admitted to being a little surprised by the outcome, as well as feeling a little unsure when quizzed about Chinese virtues during the Q&A session.
Finalist Elaine Chee Ming Choo performing a fire breathing stunt.
She however rendered a lovely Mandarin number by Taiwanese pop singer Angela Chang, and looked resplendent whilst parading around in a light blue and pink cheongsam embellished with floral motifs.
It made her the crowd favourite, and they duly broke out in cheers when she was judged the winner, a feat she believes was in part due to her assured demeanour on stage.
Referring to the cheongsam provided to her by the event organiser, she said “I loved it as it made me look slim!” she quipped, adding that she had been on the lookout to buy a cheongsam of her own, but has yet to find one that’s just perfect.
The intense battle to be crowned Queen of the Orient was played out against an equally regal backdrop that would not have looked amiss even in ancient China, specially erected at the mall’s central atrium for the Lunar New Year festivities.
Choong showing she has the legance and finesse to match her name en route to winning the Talent Award.
After an introductory round, the dozen hopefuls then took turns showcasing their abilities in a talent show, got grilled in the Q&A before making their way around the stage for one last parade.
There were no runners up positions, only four subsidiary title winners. The first of those, the Personality Award, went to Jane See Liang Ning, 18, a public relations student at TAR College.
She performed two routines for the talent segment, a fan dance and handkerchief dance, and later said: “It seems like I always end up with this title when I join pageants. Maybe I have a great personality!”
Her college mates, accounting students Grace Choong Yan Yin, 20, and Melinda Lee, 20, grabbed the Talent Award and Body Beautiful Award respectively.
“Dancing and singing is my forte, and I’m quite contented with this subtitle,” said Choong, who proved that she had the gracefulness to match her name whilst performing a meticulously choreographed dance on stage.
Lee, who later claimed the Body beautiful award, impressing the crowd with her magical abilities.
For Lee, the secret to a shapely figure was one’s diet. “I’ve had to stay away from oily food for an entire week in preparation for this contest.”
Earlier, she performed a magic show and wowed the crowd with her tricks — which included levita-ting a table and turning empty red packets into money.
The final subtitle, the Photogenic Award, was claimed by Venice Tan, 18, who is currently waiting for her SPM results.
“It’s all about how you present yourself on stage. You’ve just got to be yourself and let the inner beauty shine through,” Tan said.
See, Choong, Lee and Tan each took home RM388 in cash and RM500 worth of products.

New Release: Hemp Soap

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Ratu Cantik/Miss Malaysia Universe 1967 Finalists. Very Old Photo.

Ade peluang lg ke nak jumpa finalis-finalis yg di bawah ni?..ntah2, mereka pun xnak dikenali anymore, jgn la begitu miss, ramai peminat u all yg nak tahu perkembangan terkini tau....
dari kiri:, Angeline Leong (Miss Sabah), Yim Chee Moi (Miss Perak), Winifred Edema (Miss Selangor), Ramlah Alang (Miss Terengganu), Margaret Yeo (Miss Pahang), Maznah Mohd Ali (Miss Johor), Mongkam Suprasom (Miss Kedah).

Nancy Blassan-Miss Sarawak/Malaya/Universe 1965. Old Photo.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ratu Cantik Kedah dan Ratu Cantik Perlis/Universe 1975.

Miss Kedah: Susie Ong, 17 tahun, ukuran badan: (35-24-35!). even zaman sekarang pun susah nk cr org bdn perfect mcm ni cik kiah oi!.....

Miss Perlis: Suzana Eliza, 18 tahun. ukuran: 35-24-35!..ini pun ukuran badan yg amat perfect!..

1st runner up: Monna Hassan, 17 tahun
2nd runners up: Audrey Wong, 20 tahun.

Ratu Cantik Brunei 1961/1962 Menyertai Ratu Cantik Malaysia/Dunia 1963. Very Old Article

Zaman sekarang ni langsung tidak kedengaran ada ke tidak pertandingan Miss Brunei atau apa-apa ratu cantik dari Brunei. Adakah pihak berkuasa di sana mengharamkan terus pertandingan ratu cantik?. Yang lebih menarik, pemenang Miss Malaysia World 1963 adalah Catherine Loh dari Brunei!.

Take Courage

Thumbnail, acrylic

Take courage to explore your heart. Bravely paint or pen your thoughts, fears and desires, and you'll find the beauty, strength, satisfaction, and peace that are already yours within.

Take courage to live your life; it's a life worth living and worth loving. Know yourself, as the child of Soul's creating--perfect, sinless, whole and free!

Take courage. It's God's gift to you, to live unafraid and create freely!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Love that Remains

A Saudade Celebration

January 30th, I celebrated, with Brazilians, the day of saudade. It can mean many things to different people, but for me, it's not so much a remembrance of lost loves or better times, as it is a celebration of "the love that remains" in my life.

Previously unaware of saudade, I must have been preparing for this day for a long time. Through trips down memory lane from watching old movie favorites to rediscovering misplaced photo albums and old paintings, I've been remembering the good times and feeling the strength and tenderness of this love that remains.

Spontaneously, a few friends came over to celebrate on this balmy winter night in a Texas style fire-pit ceremony of past joys, and joys to come-- and the love that remains.

"It's amazing, Molly...the love inside, you take it with you!" from the movie, Ghost (1990)


According to Wikipeidia...

"Saudade is a Portuguese and Galician word difficult to translate adequately, which describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for something or someone that one was fond of and which is lost."

"Saudade has been described as a "vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist...a turning towards the past or towards the future". A stronger form of saudade may be felt towards people and things whose whereabouts are unknown, such as a lost lover, or a family member who has gone missing. It may also be translated as a deep longing or yearning for something which does not exist or is unattainable."

"Saudade was once described as "the love that remains" or "the love that stays" after someone is gone. Saudade is the recollection of feelings, experiences, places or events that once brought excitement, pleasure, well-being, which now triggers the senses and makes one live again. It can be described as an emptiness, like someone ( e.g. one's children, parents, sibling, grandparents, friends) or something (e.g. places, pets, things one used to do in childhood, or other activities performed in the past) that should be there in a particular moment is missing, and the individual feels this absence. In Portuguese, 'tenho saudades tuas', translated as 'I have saudades for you' means 'I miss you', but carries a much stronger tone. In fact, one can have 'saudades' of someone with which one is, but have some feeling of loss towards the past or the future."

Miss Universe 1969-Asian Queens. Very Old Photo.

Paling depan: Miss Singapore-Mavis Young
atas tangga dari atas: Miss Hong Kong-Christine Mei Mei Lam, Miss Korea, Miss Malaysia-Rosemary Wan,  Miss Ceylon(Sri Lanka), Miss Guam, Miss Philippines-Gloria Diaz, Miss Japan.


Twin Flame © 2010 S'zanne Reynolds, digital image

There's a scene from the movie, What Dreams May Come, where the departed husband has just learned that his wife has left earth for the illusion of her self-created suicidal purgatory. He is determined to find her, rescue her from this self-induced punishment or hell, and bring her back to his heaven, a state of consciousness created by her paintings.

He's told he can never succeed. The devoted husband reminds his angelic guide that there are no rules. "It's not about understanding; it's about not giving up!" he shouts. "I'm her soul mate, I can find her."

I was amazed to see that the movie's background scene nearly perfectly matched the above image I took in Sedona, where I had so many past reflections of my own departed husband. The only thing missing were the animated flashes of lightening!

Wikipedia defines a soulmate as, " a person with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, and/or compatibility. A related concept is that of the twin flame or twin soul which is thought to be the ultimate soulmate, the one and only other half of one's soul, for which all souls are driven to find and join."

A twin flame or twin soul has been defined as finding your true selfhood, without the body or ego personality.

It seems to me that a soulmate can be different things to different people, always bringing you back to discovering your God origins or spiritual oneness. A soulmate can be anything-- a lover, mother, sister, friend, pet or even a talent like painting--that accompanies you on this journey of finding your real selfhood. It would seem that we have to lose this mortal sense of self to rediscover our twin flame...which we in fact, have never really lost, as it's always been right there within our ever creative self-awareness, our eternal oneness with all Being.

So while we have company along the way, sometimes we do not. But we are never really alone, as our twin flame is always there burning brightly for us to find our way home.

"I'm her soulmate, I can find her."
-- from the movie, What Dreams May Come

Miss France 2011 Scandal. Latest Hot News.

Miss France tak habis2 ngan scandal. start dr zaman 2001 yang mengaitkan Elodie Gossuin sebagai pondan,

 hinggalah kepada Valerie Bague yg mana gambar beliau yg sgt kontroversi tersebar sehingga disingkir dari mewakili France ke Miss Universe 2008. Terbaru, Miss France 2011 Laury Thilleman pula dikaitkan dgn scandal mangatakan beliau lesbian apabila gambar beliau mencium seorang wanita tua di sebuah kelab mlm tersebar.

Oleh kerana pelbagai masalah teknikal serta perbalahan pendapat, tahun 2011 menyaksikan 3 ratu cantik Perancis telah dipilih oleh 3 organisasi berlainan. Masing2 mendakwa adalah Miss France yg terulung. Adalah diharapkan, ratu kesayangan rakyat Malaysia Deborah Henry tidak akan terlibat dalam apa2 scandal yg boleh menggugat imej bersih beliau selama ini. tpi saya yakin, Deborah Henry adalah seorang gadis yang baik dan pandai menjaga diri, lagi pun, beliau tinggal dekat dgn keluarga di Malaysia. x la risau sgt kitorang sebagai peminat.

Patricia Tumalak, Miss Universe Philippines 2011 Mega Favourite. Nice Sexy Photos.

who says Asian queens are shy about having big boobs?..fake or not, I hv no problem with that. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Francisca Warastuti-Queen of The Pacific 1975. Old Newspaper Article.

She could be 60 years old by now. Is she still lives in Indonesia?....much love!..from Malaysia.-PAGEANTIsland.

Femina miss India 2011 Front Cover Calendar. Super Sexy...

Creativity Is a Celebration of Life

Color Me Grand © 2010 S'zanne Reynolds, digital image

I'm working on a small pastel study from the above photo. With a name like Color Me Grand, I'll have to develop it into a huge painting!

"Creativity is a celebration of one's grandeur; one's sense of making anything possible. Creativity is a celebration of life– my celebration of life. It is a bold statement: I am here! I love life! I love me! I can be anything! I can do anything!" ~Joseph Zinker, therapist, painter, sculptor, poet

If your creativity is a celebration of your life and yourself, then you can't very well afford to think small about yourself or not like your work! Our creativity is a celebration and expression of the one Life divine. What's not to love!?

So what are you going to celebrate this weekend?

Amazing Pole Dancing Talent at Jiwa Dancing Contest at La Bomba, Jan 28,2011.

 sebelum u ol start bergosip, ini bukan strip show okay, ini adalah pertandingan menari gaya bebas Jiwa Dancing Dance Contest at La Bomba KL.

 peserta ni memang really fleksibel.

 Tangan beliau juga amat kuat kerana nak bergayut kat palang tu tangan kena tahan beban berat manusia yang lebih 50kg.

 Kaki beliau juga amat kuat untuk bertahan pada palang ni.

dengar kata, pole dancing memang bagus untuk kesihatan kerana kita mengeluarkan peluh, serta bagus untuk stamina harian serta kekuatan tangan/badan/kaki dapat dipertahankan.

 klu ikutkan, sya ingat, pole dancing ni hanya untuk dipersembahkan oleh wanita sahaja, tetapi di sini, this guys  is so hebat menari pole dancing!.

So sapa kata lelaki xleh menari hebat pole dancing?.... :)

*terima kasih kembali kepada Rentak Sejuta kerana menjemput saya menyaksikan pertandingan menari yang hebat ni. :)

Kepada yang belum tahu, La Bomba adalah Restoren serta kelab malam yg sgt happening. Ia menyajikan masakan berkonsep latin serta berhibur dengan muzik hebat terkini/terhebat salsa, bachata, raggaeton, zouk serta muzik latin yg lain. Terletak betul2 di belakang Starhill KL, kelab ini memang kelihatan mewah serta sangat menarik perhatian.

Video: An Artists AfFair

This video is from a show I did before the holidays called "An Artist AfFair". Watch for the segment with Weezi and Batty (me!) :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Beauty Pageant Photo of The Year. Alicia and Irene Saez.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


-memang menderita sangat coz I antara yg paling awal dpt tahu deborah win tetapi x blh bg tau sesiapa. from 2pm-8pm, I diarahkan xleh twitter/fb/sms/email atau yg sewaktu dgn nye. kena zip mulut. too many sms n fone calls so i terpaksa tutup je telepon, habis cerita.

- tp kwn yg sorang ni lg la dh tahu hampir 3 ke 4 hari lbh awal. dia ckp, "aku lg mcm nk mati simpan rahsia ni u ol!!!!". siap ade yg marah2, "kite kan kwn baik cium molot!..ngan aku pown ko nk berahsia?!!!!..hello "friend", aku dh janji ngan ck Andrea xleh buka mulut okay!...ko nak aku msk jail?!....

-kwn I yg sorang ni mmg kwn baik deborah, dia lg pening kepala, subuh lg org dh call tanya sapa win!..ade yg nk try trick him kata,"ok la u xnak bg tau...just jawab, D or C..beliau yg br bangun tido masih amai2 ni jwb blk, la...xde makne nye D ke..C ke...jawapan aku Z!...ha..langsung xde dlm senarai..haha.

-semasa press conference tertutup tu, ade la sorang wartawan dari satu media ni yg x pernah pun saya dgr nama media tu. ok, sy berasal dari Hulu Selangor tapi saya rasa wartawan ni mayb ofis dia berasal dari super Hulu somewhere. Soalan yg dia bagi pada deborah so memalukan. Soalan dia berbunyi begini, "to Deborah, who are you actually and what do u do?, serta ada soalan lain yg x perlu la saya nyatakan kt cni. He was sooooooo out of this world kerana langsung x tau pasal Deborah. I mean, kt KL ni siapa yg x tau Deborah kan...haiz...nk dtg majlis grand, tp langsung xnak buat homework!. Kesian Deborah terpaksa explain dr awal about herself serta apa yg dia buat currently and so on....masa wartawan tu tanya, I dng my friend terbeliak n terlopong mulut dgr soalan bengong beliau nih...haha

-klu nk tau, sebenarnye ade 2 events, tp kebanyakan org cuma tahu yg kul 7pm tu je. Sebenarnye pihak media termasuk sy dipanggil ke press conference tertutup pada 2pm hari yg sama, hanya ade lbh kurang 25 orang je. Pd majlis tu Deborah telah diperkenalkan lebih awal kepada kitorang sebagai pemenang. dapat tangkap gambar lebih awal n yg best, dpt tangkap gambar Debby n Nadine outdoor.

-yg kelakarnye, semasa foto session outdoor tu, bangunan sebelah tgh construction, so abang2 Bangla n Indonesians yg repair atap semua berdiri dan stop buat kerja!..hahaha..I cuma takut diorang jatuh dr atas atap tu je...haha

-lps songlap juadah yg ade, my new found friend Kenji berbesar hati belanja minum kat the Garden Coffee Bean. gosip sana, gosip sini, n after that he was soooo kind bwk I pergi ke Spa. I ni prak skit 1st time masuk spa.."APEHAL LAK PANAS SEMACAM SPA NIH?..berpeluh mak!.." Turned out to be, it's a termal spa. Tp Spa ECOPARADISE kt the Garden ni very special,staf kt situ genuinely friendly n lps hbs spa, mereka bg minum enzym lg. really refreshing! I really enjoy it. thx Kenji the mysterious!! u ol!..

-hbs spa @ 8.20pm, terus pegi ke kelab Smoke&Fire tu lg. ah!..kali ni baru ramai org..jumpe ler kwn2 n ratu2 lain yg lbh awal sampai. time tu, mostly dh tau sapa win already..hhmm..good ade sorang lady ni, dtg ke? xnak dtg, dtg ke?, xnak dtg, wei!..nk dtg, dtg je la...byk cengkadak le kau!....

-ofcoz terserempak ngan KEE HUA CHEE, msia's queen of fur! aka Diva of colors!.. dia br blk dr Philippines, Miss World Press Conference there. also jumpa Maggie Loo (mmu73), tp nk cari Datin Josephine, Andrea kata, datin dh balik da....ok lah datin, next time tangkap gambar w u k. :)

-kul 10.30pm, apa lagi, balik umah, jlnkan operasi MEMPROPA kt internet mcm biasa..haha

-pepehal pun, thx to Andrea again for saving Malaysia from exploding/meletop tak tentu pasal, good choice!.. to ARCIS COMMUNICATIONS, mr Stephen, ck I-Mae, u guys rock!..congratulations on holding a very well organized event like this!..wish the whole team would do well in future.

JIWA MENARI-Dancing Competition. La Bomba, Bukit Bintang.-My Diary Part 1.

Hi guys, ni nk lari skit dari topik ratu cantik.. Semalam, 28 Januari, saya telah dijemput oleh rakan semedia iaitu ms Anastasia dari Rentak Sejuta, (Malaysia's No. 1 Online Urban Music News Site and Forum), ke pertandingan menari di La Bomba (belakang Starhill), Bukit Bintang. Pertandingan ini bermula lebih kurang jam 9mlm.

Seperti biasa, ini adalah mr Hafiz aka Bjork, Malaysia's no.1 fashion blogger Terima kasih kerana dtg menemani saya  Bjork!. 

Inilah Miss Anastasia, boss Rentak Sejuta. kepada ms Anastasia, terima kasih kerana berbesar hati menjemput saya ke majlis yang meriah ni.

Yang di tengah tu adalah pemenang rancangan pertandingan menari yg top kat Malaysia ni. terima kasih kerana sudi bergambar bersama kami.

Me and the owner of the La Bomba Club. He is also the owner of the popular Havana Club at Jln. P Ramlee, near the KLCC!. When he told me he is from Venezuela, I was like! favorite country coz the country is full of international standard beauty queens!..hahaha

Foto Cewek Tukang Cuci Mobil Seksi

Foto Cewek Tukang Cuci Mobil Seksi

Deborah Henry Miss Universe Malaysia 2011. The Morning After. Jan 28, 2011.

 Debby memang pengacara tetap rancangan Bella kat ntv7. tup2 dah menang ni, rancangan hari jumaat tadi adalah about ratu cantik dan gambar kemenangan Debby juga ada ditunjukkan.

 I pelik la, macam mana la dia boleh bangun awal pagi bekejar plak ke area subang-shah alam untuk buat rancangan live ni. sure mlm sebelum tu dia tido lambat coz after all the excitement, sure dia tido lambat kot?. I pagi jumaat tu pown bangun lambat, itu tido awal tu...haha. bangun2 je, rancangan Bella ni just nice about to start!..terus tercegat depan tv.

She looks ravishing as ever, ever smiling. bukan nk kata la kan, kat mana angle pun u ambik gambar Debby ni, semua nya tetap cantik!...amazing!..klu ambik dari tepi, lagi la nampak hidung Debby yang mancung lawa tu, org kata hidung mancung bak seludang, ye tak...?

Yg kelakarnye, kat rancangan ni berkisar about ratu cantik, atau persepsi kecantikan serta isu yg berkaitan dgn kecantikan/penampilan, supposedly Debby la yg kena interview kan, tp kt cni, Debbi yg interview orang,haha.

ade satu point tu, Debby bertanya dgn pakar kecantikan jemputan, "adakah perkahwinan antara wanita cantik dan lelaki handsome akan melahirkan anak yg cantik lawa?". time tu i terfikir, adakah Debby personally rasa selesa ke tak ngan soalan tersebut, yg I rasa la kan, since Debby ni mmg dh kena cop sirim orang lawa, sa sa rasa dlm hati..alamak!...haha..u know what I mean...

Kpd mereka yg di luar sana yg masih berasa sangsi dgn kelebihan Debby atau kemahiran komunikasi Debby, lihatlah sendiri keupayaan beliau sedlm2 nya. Nk jd pengacara rancangan TV yg live bukan senang, maksudnye, keupayaan Debby tak payah lah kite sangsi, Debby memang hebat.