Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creativity Is a Celebration of Life

Color Me Grand © 2010 S'zanne Reynolds, digital image

I'm working on a small pastel study from the above photo. With a name like Color Me Grand, I'll have to develop it into a huge painting!

"Creativity is a celebration of one's grandeur; one's sense of making anything possible. Creativity is a celebration of life– my celebration of life. It is a bold statement: I am here! I love life! I love me! I can be anything! I can do anything!" ~Joseph Zinker, therapist, painter, sculptor, poet

If your creativity is a celebration of your life and yourself, then you can't very well afford to think small about yourself or not like your work! Our creativity is a celebration and expression of the one Life divine. What's not to love!?

So what are you going to celebrate this weekend?

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