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Muscle Cars Top Pictures Gallery

Muscle car is a term used to refer to a variety of high performance automobiles. The term generally refers to American 2-door rear wheel drive mid-size cars equipped with large, powerful, V8s, and sold at an affordable price for street use and both formal and informal drag racing.

As such, they are distinct from two-seat sports cars and expensive 2+2 GTs intended for high-speed touring and road racing.

Building on the American phenomenon and developing simultaneously in their own markets, muscle cars also emerged in their own fashions in Australia, South Africa, the UK, and elsewhere.

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Ford Cars Pics Review

The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational corporation based in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The automaker was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. In addition to the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands, Ford also owns a small stake in Mazda in Japan and Aston Martin in the UK. Ford's former UK subsidiaries Jaguar and Land Rover were sold to Tata Motors of India in March 2008. In 2010 Ford sold Volvo to Geely Automobile.

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Foto Cewek Cantik Putih Seksi

Foto Cewek Cantik Putih Seksi

Skin Care Facts: Can Toothpaste Take Care of Pimples?

Myth: Toothpaste works to prevent or quickly heal a pimple.

Fact: Absolutely not true!!! This would be funny if so many people didn't believe it. None of the ingredients in toothpaste can have a positive effect on acne or change a blemish once you have it, and actually it can make matters worse. The bacteria in your mouth are not related to the bacteria in your pores that cause acne (P. acne). And although the fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate in your toothpaste can help fight bacteria in your mouth, on your skin it actually can cause pimples and redness in the areas with which it comes in contact. This is known as perioral dermatitis (Sources: Journal of the American Dental Association, September 2003, page 1165; Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, June 1990, pages 1029 -1032; and Archives of Dermatology, June 1975, page 793). The other ingredients in toothpaste might offer minimal abrasive properties, but they provide nothing that a gentle rubbing with a washcloth doesn't provide far better.

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New Tutorial Video: How to Apply Batty's Bath Mineral Make Up Concealing Powder for a Flawless Finish!

Mineral Makeup Concealing Powder

A makeup tutorial from Jamie (aka Batty). In this video I'll show you how to apply my Batty's Bath Mineral MakeUp Concealing Powder along with your normal foundation for a flawless finish!

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Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

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Darius Rucker - Alright

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Mineral Makeup Concealing Powder

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Interview with the Unofficial Etsy Featured Seller Blog

I got the chance to be interviewed by the lovely Lauren who manages the Unofficial Etsy Featured Seller Blog! The interview was posted yesterday and can be found here. Thanks so much to Lauren for the great questions and for this great opportunity!

The questions I answered included:
  • Give us some basic info about you: name, where you live, kids/pets, favorite ice cream flavor, etc.
  • Describe an average day in life of "you".
  • Were you creative growing up/what did you enjoy doing?
  • What made you want to start selling on etsy?
  • How long did it take for you to get your first sale on etsy?
  • Top 5 favorite foods, tv shows, and bands?
  • Is there anything you'd like to try your hand at doing? Knitting, baking, soap making, wood working, an instrument, etc.
  • What would you suggest to new etsy sellers to promote their shops?
  • 3 etsy shops you just LOVE?
  • One year from now, I hope...

To see all my answers check out the full blog post here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Diary Project 2011

For the last 2 years I've participated in the Diary Project and I'm so happy that my design got picked as one of the coordinator's favs! Check it out in print (mine is the one just to the right of the spine)!

I'll definitely be placing an order for a copy ASAP and can't wait to see all the other designs! :)

2011 BMW S1000RR Pictures

2011 BMW S1000RR Pictur

Ferrari V4 Motorcycles

Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Pictures

MODIFICATION BMW S 1000RR tuned by AC Schnitzer

BMW S 1000RR AC Schnitzer assuredly got its easily on the S1000RR and angry it into a abundant bigger circadian use superbike. That’s right. It may be adamantine to believe, but their access aims appear abundance and achievability artlessly because the bike doesn’t charge any upgrades on the achievement side.


The 2010 BMW F 650 GS and F 800 GS accept new colours as a touch-up for the new year. The F 650 GS will be accessible in Lava Orange Metallic, White Aluminium Matt Metallic and Biarritzblue Metallic. The colours of Iceberg Silver Metallic, Flame Red and Azure Blue Metallic are no best available.

The BMW F 800 GS 2010 is accessible in Lava Orange Metallic/Black Satin and Alpine White. The colours that will not be accessible are Dark Magnesium Metallic Matt and Sunset Yellow/Black Satin. The 2010 F 800 S will accept agleam atramentous auto while the F 800 ST will accept a atramentous engine.
Engine and transmission
Displacement: 798.00 ccm (48.69 cubic inches)
Engine type: Twin
Stroke: 4
Power: 84.48 HP (61.7 kW)) @ 7500 RPM
Torque: 83.00 Nm (8.5 kgf-m or 61.2 ft.lbs) @ 5750 RPM
Compression: 12.0:1
Bore x stroke: 82.0 x 75.6 mm (3.2 x 3.0 inches)
Fuel system: Injection. Electronic intake pipe injection / digital engine management (BMS-K)
Valves per cylinder: 4
Fuel control: DOHC
Starter: Electric
Cooling system: Liquid
Gearbox: 6-speed

Transmission type
final drive: Chain
Clutch: Multiple-disc clutch in oil bath, mechanically operated
Physical measures
Dry weight: 185.0 kg (407.9 pounds)
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc: 207.0 kg (456.4 pounds)
Seat height: 880 mm (34.6 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Overall height: 1,350 mm (53.1 inches)
Overall length: 2,320 mm (91.3 inches)
Overall width: 945 mm (37.2 inches)
Wheelbase: 1,578 mm (62.1 inches)

Chassis and dimensions
Frame type: Tubular steel space frame, load-bearing engine
Rake (fork angle): 26.0°
Trail: 117 mm (4.6 inches)
Front suspension: Upside-down front fork, Ø 45 mm
Front suspension travel: 230 mm (9.1 inches)
Rear suspension: Cast aluminium dual swing arm, WAD strut (travel related damping), spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable (continuously variable) at handwheel, rebound damping adjustable
Rear suspension travel: 215 mm (8.5 inches)
Front tyre dimensions: 90/90-V21
Rear tyre dimensions: 150/70-V17
Front brakes: Double disc
Front brakes diameter: 300 mm (11.8 inches)
Rear brakes: Single disc
Rear brakes diameter: 265 mm (10.4 inches)
Exhaust system: Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3

New Benelli TNT Titanium

The love of life mount a bicycle of true packing is guaranteed by the exceptional equipment: fairings of carbon, titanic exhaust, completely adjustable suspensions with bottom and speeds, dry clutch, forged wheels, radial brake system, an eccentric system for the complete adjustment of footboard. All needed for the triad while assembling titanium for TNT on its normal ground: the way. The elegance of this bicycle is also increased by the single color of the fairings and the reinforcement and by the exclusive fabric seat. An important innovation in the engine: as in all the model versions of year 2005 of TNT, titanium the possibility offers of modifying functions of engine while pressing on simply a button lit on the support of indent. The case of ordering of engine can be commutated between the free power and the power ordered for a better ordering of the motor bike in poor conditions of traction with a reduction in fuel consumption of 10-20% according to leading the model and on the road
Model: Benelli TnT Titanium 2008
Category: Naked Bike

Type: 1130 cc, liquid cooled, 3-cylinders in line, 4-stroke
Bore x Stroke: 88 mm x 62 mm
Compression ratio: 11.9:1
Valves: DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Fuel system: electronic injection with 1 injector per cylinder
Ignition: single coil inductive discharge electronic ignition
Power: 137 HP (102.2 kW) @ 9250 RPM
Torque: 117 Nm (86.3 ft. lbs) @ 6750 RPM
Lubrication system: wet sump

Clutch: Dry clutch with aluminium case
Gearbox: 6 speeds Ratios: 1e 14/39, 2nd 18/35, 3th 21/32, 4th 23/30, 5th 24/28, 6th 25/27
Primary drive: 44/79
Final drive: Chain. 16/36
Starting system: Electronic

Frame: mixed solution. Front ASD steel tube trellis, fastened with screws to box rear section, aluminium alloy casting
Subframe: aluminium die-case
Front suspension: Marzocchi, 120 mm travel
Rear suspension: ASD steel tube trellis swingarm with Extreme Technology single shock absorber with adjustable extension and spring load, 120 mm travel
Rake/Trail: 24 degrees / 95 mm (3.7 inches)


We allocution about the BMW K 1300 GT Exclusive Edition, which debuts in contempo canicule by abacus some capacity “Comfort” and “security” on a admission that is already actual complete.Heated grips and saddle, for example, are standard, as are the xenon headlights cruise controlThe onboard computer and alive abeyance adjustment ESA Exclusive Edition II (Electronic Abeyance Adjustment II).

Exclusive Edition amalgamation additionally includes the absorption ascendancy ASC DRC but additionally the adjustment that controls every burning the annoy pressure. Trai additional additionally the top homes from 49 litersObviously corrective in anatomy color.
Nothing new, however, for the four-cylinder. Featuring a actual adjustment of cylinders agee forward, the 1,293 cc delivers Monaco 160 hp at 9,000 rpm and 135 Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm. To admit the new model, accessories apart, aloof stop attractive at backlog area: Classic frieze K1300GT in “relief”, in fact, uses belletrist instead of the acceptable dejected burnished.

The K 1300 GT Exclusive Edition is now accessible at BMW Motorrad dealers. Amalgamation amount is Exclusive Edition Euro 1650. The bike is so able has a account amount of 20,550 euros including aboriginal advertisement ICD.
The K 1300 GT Exclusive Edition has heated grips and seat heating and a xenon headlamp for visibility during night riding. The on-board computer provides travel-related data such as range, outside temperature and average fuel consumption and there is an electronic cruise control function for long stretches of motorway riding. The new special edition touring model from BMW is also equipped with a pannier system and a large 49-litre topcase with common-key lock barrel and lid finished in body colour. The bike is finished in Granite Grey metallic with contrasting trim parts in Granite Grey metallic matt in the area of the fuel tank side fairing and seat side fairing and has a blue type plate.

Modification Yamaha Scorpio Robot

Modification Yamaha Scorpio Robot


Perhaps you are slightly confused to see this motor modifications. What are the flow? If Dilirik distance from the front of five meters, the identity of a motor is clear. Living machines that can characterize the type of motor and, if viewed from itupun close.

I do so, the base motor is R120 2002 Suzuki Satria property Amos Saragih Leonardo's home modification Amos Leonardo Disign Yogyakarta. He gave his work the theme of futuristic motor or the future.

"I deliberately presenting different concepts. Kemudinya use the system to move the work gear is driven dengnan shuttle, and then forwarded the cable car as the clutch front wheel drive," says Amos.

Such curve would, if left handlebar right that is revealed, the small gear wheel mounted on the base of the bar will rotate and encourage large overdrive. Due to get the encouragement, the large gear wheel rotates the opposite direction dengnan overdrive booster (left bar). Spontaneously will give impetus behind the gear shift on a small base in the right handlebar.

This concept, according to Amos will be enhanced because the lack of bannyak. As the bar is considered material was less than large and less wide. Rotation at the gear shift is also still not soft.

"Initially constrained model handlebar mount Batman. Mepet Because of the time (to participate in the contest modif Suzuki), become a kayak gini," his firm.

In addition to body, the framework also changes with the pipe berdiameter 1 inch. Including foot-foot front and rear.

While the swing arm system, a single model mengaplikasi and back ala ori-arm. Desiannya good form and is the work of their own. Only, the form of a tank and a large body and thick, with a neat model Suspensi front.