Friday, December 31, 2010

Miss Tourism International 2010 Top Winners Photos and Results.

Winner-Natalie Den Dekker-The Netherlands.
1st runner up-Holly Anne Visser-Australia.
2nd runners up-Stephany Gonzalez-Venezuela.
3rd runners up-Barbara Salvador-The Philippines.
4th runners up-Gorboljin Bayarsaikhan-Mongolia.

Top 10

Top 20
Panama/Ukraine/Montenegro/Chinese Taipei/Finland/Zimbabwe/Singapore/France/Thailand/Bolivia

Sub Titles Winners
Best National Costume: Malaysia
Miss Poh Kong Glamour: Bolivia
Miss Lumix Photogenic: Venezuela
Miss Overtime Fresh Face: Singapore
Miss Rejuene Meridian: Japan
Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter: Netherlands
Miss Secret Charm: Venezuela
Miss Jade Goodwill Ambassadress: Venezuela
Miss Charm Fantasia: Mongolia
Miss Focus Point Dazzling: Lithuania
    the crowning moment

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