Monday, October 25, 2010

The latest Automotive Diagnostic Equipment from TRW

Automotive Diagnostic Equipment

» Updating over the Internet provides the simplest means of updating your TRW Id diagnostic tool.
» Low cost subscription plan and no initial equipment outlay
» Full product and technical support
» Online and 'in workshop' training tutorials

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Automotive Diagnostic Equipment from Id

Internet Diagnostics - Affordable Diagnostics with Automotive Diagnostic Equipment provided
Id1 is the diagnostic interface that links to your own workshop PC. It allows your computer to communicate with the vehicles you're working on and displays diagnostic information in a simple, graphical, user-friendly format. Id1 is supported by two diagnostic support packages.

TRW provides you with Id1
Subscribe to the 12 month support package that's right for you and TRW will supply you with the Id1 interface free of charge for the duration of your subscription.

What Id can do for your business
Id puts all the information you need at your fingertips, giving you comprehensive, 'all makes' diagnostic coverage of past, present and future generation vehicles, with EOBD and the latest CAN bus capability as standard. You gain instant access to a vast range of diagnostic systems, technical information, regular new and updated
applications, training and support.

Use your own PC
The minimum PC spec to run Id is:

Internet Diagnostics The Rugged Workshop PC
Provided in partnership with Panasonic, Id2 is a rugged, portable, touch screen notebook PC supplied with Id software installed. Id2 is a perfect PC option if your existing desktop or laptop needs upgrading or is unsuitable for workshop use.

How can I buy Id2 ?
As a Panasonic agent TRW can offer Id2 (Panasonic CF18 Toughbook™) at a competitive price. An affordable 3 year lease/buy option* is also available.
* Lease options are subject to status and terms & conditions.

Turns your PC into an oscilloscope
The perfect complement to both Id1 and Id2, Id3 connects to your workshop PC, turning it into a tool that can measure and test virtually all the electronic components and circuits on modern vehicles.

How can I get Id3 ?
A 2-channel oscilloscope is provided with our 'Super' support package. Alternatively, you can buy Id3 as a 'stand alone' product from our Id range of accessories.

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