Monday, October 25, 2010

Automotive White Paper

automotiveThis report is intended to give a general overview of the global automotive market, and provide information about how Nexans is serving this market.

It opens with a brief introduction which explains the trends affecting the automotive industry worldwide, especially in terms of assembly volume, growth, sales and continuing consolidation. This is followed by specific trends in the industry and especially the automotive cable business. After exploring challenges and the “push-pull” factors transforming car manufacturing, it concentrates on Nexans’ four strategic strengths which also correspond to the concerns of auto and harness makers, themselves: metallurgy, standard and special cables, recycling, and an ability to serve customers in emerging automotive-assembly countries. Finally, the White Paper explains the Nexans approach to innovation, which is driven by technology, new production methods (“lean manufacturing”) and strategic outsourcing. The final chapter explains Nexans service solutions in practical terms, and emphasizes the importance of partnership in finding solutions for an increasingly synergized industry.

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