Thursday, October 21, 2010

Honda S2000 going hybrid?


The Japan car magazine, Best Car is reporting that the recently discontinued Honda S2000 will return in 2012, but that the new S2000 will be powered by Honda’s second-generation hybrid drivetrain used in the Honda Accord rather than by Honda’s high-revving F20C 2.0-Liter engine. What will probably disappoint fans of the original Honda S2000 more is the news that car will also be front-wheel driven rather than rear wheel drive of its predecessor, although rumors of a front wheel drive Honda S2000 have been circulating since late 2006.

Best Car also reports that the new convertible is likely to be fitted with a retractable hard-top and will be a step up from the all-new Honda CR-Z hybrid due for release in 2010. The new Honda S2000 is thought to make its debut in production form at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and is expected to be released for sale in the first half of 2012.

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