Friday, April 9, 2010

Batty's Answer to The Etsy Forum Question: How Do You Get Sales?

battysbath says: I spend a lot of time in 3 different areas (outside of creating that is)

1 - promoting/networking/chatting/advertising - i use facebook, twitter, plurk, thumblr, blogger, flickr, stumble upon, project wonderful, yammi, craft juice, craft gawker, mailing list, etsy forums, and a few off etsy forums

2 - tweaking! i'm consistently tweaking my tags, photos, and descriptions. this involves researching SEO, retaking pictures, and looking up keywords in google analytics

3 - offline - i learned from my first etsy shop that putting all your eggs in the etsy basket isn't always the best idea. i'm working on booking a craft show or home show each and every weekend. right now i have almost every weekend for the next 9 weeks booked.

.. i hope that helps :)

(originally answered in this forum post)

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