Thursday, March 17, 2011

Christopher Chan GT Radial: Drifting Is An Art

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March 8, 2011. Event drifting Drift Challenge Bash Series 2011-2 "may be spelled success for Saturday (qualifying) and (final) Sunday, 5 to 6 March 2011 in Sentul Karting Circuit. One of the sponsors who actively participate enliven the race event is the largest tire manufacturer in Southeast Asia, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk (GT Radial).

GT Radial has his own team "GT Radial Drift Team"consisting of young Drifter, among others Rhenadi Arinton, Rio Saputro, Dhika CS, Demas Agil, Dean and Danny Ferdito Zen, where the event "Driftbash Indonesia Challenge Series-2" has begun demonstrate the potential of a competent and able to compete with senior Drifter. Evidently, Rio Saputro eventually that became the first champion, and Dean Zen became the second winner, which they are the young driter from GT Radial Drift Team.

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The presence of GT Radial leaders clearly visible around the Sentul Karting circuit paddock on Sunday (6/3/11), among others, President Director Christopher Chan, GM Marketing Arijanto Notorahardjo, Deputy GM Marketing Ivan Lie, Two Wheels Brand Manager Baharijanto.

Indonesia SexyUmbrella Girl
Chat Mr. Chan by Drifter is about moral support, encouragement, and also want to listen to all the problems, constraints faced. Not only that, Mr. Chan was also seen more clearly want to know about writing, stickers, and choice of color of the car Drifter. "What is the Supervisory?" he asked. Chan to parents Rio Saputro when Mr. Chan saw the Nissan Sunny car yellow black Rio who was parked in the paddock.

A good chance came from Mr Bahari, brand manager for Two Wheel GT Radial who introduced himself to Mr. Chan. After an introductory handshake, followed by small talk.

Indonesia SexyUmbrella Girl

What can be told here about the chat Mr. Chan with me, that the drifting event is art (art), not just talking speed and horsepower car, but it is a blend of skills (skills), emotion, and mastery of self (self-control).

"Most of the spectators come here just to see the race he called drifting, and hopefully to the future, they are increasingly more aware that drifting is an art (art),"the crucial sentence from Mr. Chan told me that lucky umbrella by umbrella girls joined her. Not bad!

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