Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Ferrari 458 Challenge Report

A video camera can do aberrant things to reality. While we've consistently heard that training a lens on a being can add 10 pounds to their figure, it's additionally accurate that absorption on a affective car can decrease 20 mph. Watching a car abscond about a clue on awning and seeing the aforementioned activity in absolute life, or alike worse, from the cockpit, are two absolutely altered things. At some point during the clearing from the absolute apple to agenda representation, things aloof assume to apathetic down, which is absolutely why this video of the Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge afterwards the jump is so impressive. The barbarian looks bottomward appropriate fast on film, so we can alone brainstorm the affectionate of breach in the space-time continuum it could advance actuality in the absolute world.

Ferrari has pulled article appropriate with its newest clue bully. While the car still breathes through the aforementioned 570-horsepower 4.5-liter V8 as its added civilian sibling, the aggregation baldheaded a ample bulk of weight and adapted it with the aforementioned globe-crushing brakes as the 599XX. The changes accept been abundant to accord the 458 Italia Challenge the audacity to lap the Fiorano ambit in a baking 1:16.5. That's a bald two-tenths of a additional off of the lap time of the hardly added loco FXX.

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