Friday, May 14, 2010

Dreams: Stepping stones to awakening

"This life is for awakening to who we are–
co-creators with God.
Our dreams are the stepping-stones to that awakening."

–Mary Manin Morrissey


From Daily Word for Women:

When I stop trying to make something happen and just allow myself to be in partnership with God in letting it happen, I am amazed with the results. Obstacles to my goals disappear and doors to opportunities open to me.

What may seem too simple is absolutely true: There is nothing more I need to do than to be open to and cooperate with God's presence in order to experience divine wonder in all matters– from daily routines to life-changing events.

I release all to God and remind myself, "I am in partnership with the one power of the universe." As if transported on the wings of spirit, I move from feeling concern to being one with God in creating a life order and peace.

In partnership with God, I experience divine wonder.

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