Monday, August 3, 2009


I came to Oregon to find a bit of myself I left here last year and hopefully get some clarity on what direction my life needs to take. And, to take a pastel class from Marla Baggetta. Check out her work at, you'll love her paintings.

This is going to be a fabulous class...I'm so GLAD I came! The teacher, Marla, is amazing--just the inspiration I need. Her pastels and oils are phenomenal; look for her on the cover of "The Pastel Journal" next month. We students met up at her studio last night for a meet 'n greet. Marla and her husband, Mike, have a beautiful home and stunning large studio workspace, complete with a traveling RV camper for all those art fairs! Wow! She has the life I've only been dreaming of! Time to turn those dreams into a reality!!!

Stay tuned for some paintings from her class today...and at least some really fine notes on painting!

Aside: While I was waiting to check into my hotel yesterday afternoon, I went to an art fair a stone's through away. There I met Kellee Beaudry, a local self-taught artist who has been painting only 3 years. A rebuke to my work ethic, she shared that she has sold 300 paintings in about a two and a half years! Wow, I need to get busy! And Kellee's paintings are charming, whimsical, colorful dog portraits that make everyone stop by and smile and laugh. We all love our dogs and Kellee reminds us why. Working from photos, much of her works are commissions done in stylized acrylics, from a fun up close and personal angle. I bought several of her cards and would love to commission her to paint my doggies; her prices are very affordable. You can visit her web sight at

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