Monday, April 6, 2009

New Modification of Honda Blade 110R modif 2009

Specification blade Modification:
To design a comprehensive, cost is also cheaper. Speed to be very good, very strong for the motor racing circuit.

Sok DPN: Custom Gasoli, Cakram DPN: Double disc PSM, MASTER / KALIPER: Brembo 2 piston, swing ARM: NSR-SP, Sok Blk: NSR-SP, discus Blk: Nissin, Pelek DPN: Power 250-17, Blk BAN : NSR-SP Orsi, DPN BAN: Battlax 110-70-17, BAN Blk: Battlax 120-170-17, BODYPART: Custom, FOOTPEG: Yoshimura, EPOXY / CAT / CLEAR: Suzuka / Danagloss / Sikkens, BIAYA Modif: Rp 27 millions, LAMA Modif: 1 month.

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